Secure Managed Hosting
Dedicated WordPress Servers
Blistering Speed

Premium WordPress Hosting that won't come back and bite you.

The safest enviroment for any WordPress site, Dedicated WordPress servers, 24/7 Site Monitoring, Core file updates, Blocking brute force attacks, Protection against file changes, Scheduled offsite backups, Anti virus scans, 404 error detection...

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Enhanced Security Defences

In the real world, the same things that drive performance are complemented by smart security measures. And yet, you don’t want someone mandating your plug-in decisions (which is becoming rampant in the WordPress hosting space).

What you want is rock-solid front-line defenses, and smart advice so you can make the right decisions for your unique needs.

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Superior uptime and page load speed

Nothing is more frustrating than developing a beautiful WordPress website, migrating it to some crappy £6 / month shared hosting, and waiting while every page take an age to load. It's like putting the engine of a Yugo into a brand new Merc.

Pretty but no performance.

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Here’s our pricing table

Our servers are amongst the fastest and most secure in the industry.

Service you can rely on

Based in the UK, we limit the number of websites allowed on our servers to offer a superior service to our clients and an enhanced user experience for our clients end users.

Hosting with BiteProof is not an automated service, any site hosted on servers is monitored 24/7/365 by our SMART software and real people are on hand should something need attention.

Our job..."protect your website" and ensure we live up to our 99.99% guaranteed uptime promise.

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